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1. I just ordered some Floss Gloss! Can’t wait ‘til it gets here. The bottles themselves look gorgeous!

2. Thank you so much for all the likes, follows, and reblogs! It made my day so much brighter and better with this dreary Ohio weather. I’m so excited to expand my audience and to get back into doing the art I know I can do. And thank you to the Nail Art editors and contributors for featuring my geometric art!

3. I’m working on making some new content for the blog. I know everyone wants more nail art and tutorials, and I will be sure to do so! 

I did a guide on mixing colors a while back (click here to see). As those of you that have been following for a long time may know, I mix a lot of colors when I’m making my art (unless I really like the colors… Then I will go buy a whole bottle). I get many questions in my e-mail asking how to mix certain colors, and I love answering those! So with that, I’ve decided to do mini tutorials on mixing colors. Eventually it’ll get to a point where there will be a whole chart showing what color you’re trying to make and the colors that you’ll need. By doing this, I hope it’ll help a lot of you out to expand your abilities and to make your art more unique!

4. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and am convincing myself more and more to do video tutorials. I think it would be better than the picture-by-picture tutorials now, especially for the designs that are hard to explain in just words and pictures. Granted, I probably won’t be talking in them, but if there is any explaining to be done, I will include it in a caption or something. I just need to get a camera first! I’ve been looking at the Canon Powershot SX260 HS. The DSLR camera I use for photos doesn’t record video, sadly :( But I’ve heard good things about Canon! And it’s something I can save up for.

5. I will get the contest set up soon! I finally decided what I want to give away. I just have to figure out what the contest will consist of. I’ll make it fun!

Have a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend!