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Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a tutorial! As requested, this is a tutorial for the “Colors of the Wind” design I made. It looks difficult, but it’s very easy, I promise! I must also note that as the design goes on, you might think, “Wow, this looks so messy and awful.” However, once you put on your glossy top coat, everything gets sealed and smoothed out just fine!

Just know that you may have a bit* of clean-up to do throughout the process and/or by the end of it.

*Results may vary. ;)

You’re going to need four colors: blue, yellow, pink, and white. I would highly recommend the pink and yellow be neon polishes. Not only will they have better color payoff, but they also work better in terms of consistency. Creme polishes tend to have a higher opacity than neon polishes, and for this look, you DON’T want that from the pink and yellow. You want them to be thin and “runny”.

The key tool you’re going to need for this design is a fan brush. I’ve had viewers e-mail me about this particular brush — either A) they had a hard time finding them, or B) they were a bit pricey. I bought mine off of Two fan brushes came in a set of 15, and I only paid $4.96 (USD) plus shipping fees (which weren’t much). They’re also great quality for their price! If you want the same ones I’m using, CLICK HERE!


1. Start with a bright blue base. I’m using China Glaze’s Sunday Funday.


(OPTIONAL) To make sure the fan brush and polish went across the nail a bit more smoothly, I applied one coat of top coat.

2. You’re going to start with painting the white stripes. To achieve this, dip the fan brush in your white polish, but JUST THE MERE TIPS OF THE BRUSH. In combination with using a white polish that’s pretty fluid (I put a little bit of polish thinner in mine), you’ll want to make sure you only use the tips of the brush because it can get really clumped together.


I found the best way to do this was to do a stroke or two (or three, depending personal preference) from left to right, then from right to left. And if you’re a little heavy handed with the white, that’s fine! This is a design that’s not meant to be perfect. Besides, using a little more white than the other colors is good because it’s what’s going to make those neon colors “pop”.


3. Using the same technique, you’re now going to do the pink on top of the white. For this, I used Finger Paints’ Warhol Wannabe. Be sure that the pink is hitting not only the white, creating the hot pink, but also the blue, to make a pretty “neon” purple.


4. Again, in the same fashion, paint the yellow on top. I’m using China Glaze’s Celtic Sun. Be sure that the yellow touches the white (to make the yellow stand out), the pink (to make orange), and the blue (to make green). At the same time, make sure there’s still some blue showing through.

I recommend doing pink before yellow because of color overlap. When you do pink on top of yellow, the orange color that comes out isn’t as great compared to doing it in reverse.


Do your clean-up job, add your top coat and you’re done!

Good thing I checked my e-mail, because I would have missed out on this! I needed some way to ease myself back into things (and I am RUSTY), and what better way than a request? A wonderful viewer named Emily needed something to go with her dress, and I created something simple but pretty and not over-the-top. I hope you enjoy it, Emily! Others my follow as well, of course.

I’m warning you from this point on until my nails are back to normal: they are nubs.

1. Start with creating a chevron french by sweeping in a diagonal from one side, then the other. This is L’Oreal’s After Hours. I swear, it’s dark blue.

2. Use a shimmery silver to outline. This is Sinful Colors’ Out of This World.

3. (OPTIONAL) I wanted to make the effect that there were petals floating in the background, so I painted over the dark blue with Sally Hansen’s Glass Slipper.

4. With a light purple (I mixed white with Sally Hansen’s Lacey Lilac), create a flower. I used a thin brush, but use what you have.

5. To make the center of the flower, I used holographic glitter pieces. You can use glitter, rhinestones, whatever you want.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

A fan named MandySue asked me to do a design for her little sister’s 10th birthday. I thought that was so cute, so I managed to squeeze in a little bit of time to do a little something for her. I chose this design for her because it’s easy, it doesn’t require colors that will stain her nails, and, most importantly, it has glitter. What ten-year-old girl doesn’t love glitter?! Happy birthday!

1. Start with a light, princess-y pink. I’m using Savvy’s Ice Pink.

2. With white, make polka dots. When I make a polka dot design, I like to start by making one dot in the middle of the nail and work my way out to the sides/edges of the nails. Keep in mind that there’s a strong possibility that my nails are larger than hers, so you don’t have to do as many dots on her.

3. Add a coat of glitter on top (hard to see in my photo, but it’s shiny in person!). This is Sally Hansen’s Disco Ball.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

This is the tutorial for the Ocean Twist design I did some days ago. I hope you try it out!

1. Start by painting the tip (or a little over 1/3) of your nail with a shimmery teal. I’m using Halley’s Comet by Orly, but if you can’t find it (or you don’t want to spend the money on it), Wet n Wild’s Teal of Fortune is a great alternative.

2. Paint over that with a dark blue. When you do this, you should barely have any polish on your brush, or it’ll look blobby! This is L’Oreal’s After Hours.

3. Paint over that with glitter polish. Try to find a glitter with a teal base. I’m using Sinful Colors’ Nail Junkie.

4. Now we’re going to add the lines to give the ocean some “waves”. Here’s what I’m working with:

On an index card, I put down Pure Ice’s Free Spirit and Sally Hansen’s The Real Teal, along with some white. You can see where I mixed the white into the two colors. You want to give the colors a white base because the colors will not show properly when painting.

5. Start by making a curvy line as shown, coming from the left. You can start with whichever color you want, but I started with the teal.

6. Make another curved line inside of that one with the other color, coming from the same direction.

7. From the right side, make a line. Then make another line inside of that one in the same direction.

Add more lines to fill up the space to your liking.

9. Paint over it all with a teal glitter. I’m using LA Colors’s Treasure Island, which is a mix of fine teal and green glitter.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

I was asked to do this by a fan, who has a friend with cancer; she slipped into a coma after getting an infection due to a bone marrow transplant. You are a great friend showing support for her, so here is the tutorial to the simple cancer awareness design. For those of you who would like to do this as well, you can! You may alter the colors to agree with the cause.

1. After starting with a base/clear coat, use a thin brush (or whatever tool you have) to make a line as shown. This will be the basis of your ribbon. The orange is slightly shimmery. It’s a mix of Sally Hansen’s Sun Kissed, Wet n Wild’s (Fast Dry), and a little bit of white for opacity, in case you wanted to make the exact color.

2. With the same orange, make your ribbon thicker to make it look more like an awareness ribbon.

3. Using a nude polish, paint the portion closest to the edge of the nail (the triangle-like area). I’m using Savvy’s French Cafe.

4. You could stop here, but I wanted to add a little bit of detail. With a gold polish (I’m using Sally Hansen’s Golden-I), your going to outline some of the areas of the ribbon. This will also help in hiding the mistakes you could have made when painting the nude color directly next to the orange.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

This is a tutorial for a bows and rhinestones design that’s super easy and simple to do!

1. Start by making a chevron french with whatever color you want. I’m using Sinful Colors in Unicorn.

To do a chevron french, use your nail polish brush (the standard one that came in the bottle) and sweep across the nail in a diagonal from one direction.

Then go across the nail from the opposite side and fill it in.

2. To make the top part of the bow, make an “x” shape over the yellow.

Then complete the rest of the top portion by connecting the two lines on the sides. Make your lines a little thicker if you’d like.

3. Make two white lines at the bottom of the bow and add a rhinestone (silver polish works fine, too).

Add your top coat and you’re done!

This is a simple beadwork design that’s very easy to do!

1. Start by painting your nails with a raspberry color. I’m using OPI’s Outback Aphrodisiac.

2. You’re going to use a chrome-like silver and a dotting tool (or nail pen, toothpick, bobby pin, what have you) to do the “beadwork”. Start by making four dots in the shape of a diamond.

3. On the left and right dots, you’re just going to make dots going out in a diagonal that will create two V’s on the sides.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

Here’s the tutorial for my “bright lights big city” nails. You can alter the colors to better suit your taste!

1. Start by painting the whole nail black.

2. You’re going to paint rectangles and squares with 4 different colors. I’m using neon pink, neon purple, neon yellow, and a bright orange-peach. If the shapes aren’t exactly perfect, it’s okay! They’ll be fixed later.

Keep in mind that you’re painting on top of black, so add a little bit of white to your colors so that they’ll show up on the dark background.

3. You can leave the colors like this, but if you want them to stand out more, you can paint over them with another coat (without the white mixed in).

4. With black and a thin brush, clean up the edges of your shapes. You can also use this to make your shapes smaller/thinner.

5. With blue, make dots in an L-shape. One line of the “L” should be in the black space between squares, and the other line of the “L” will overlap the squares.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

This is a Valentine’s Day design that’ll make people think you took a lot of time and patience to do, but it’s actually easier than it looks!

1. Start by painting the nail red. I’m using Petite’s Cabernet.

2. With white, you’re going to make two slightly curvy lines.

3. With silver, make three v’s.

4. With pink, make a heart.

5. Outline the heart with silver.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

Here’s another Valentine’s Day design you can do that’s simple to do, and it’s great for those who aren’t too into the Hallmark Holiday spirit but still want a cute design.

1. Start by painting the whole nail pink. I’m using Sally Hansen’s Bubblegum Pink.

2. With silver (I’m using a silver made by Sally Hansen that has no name. It’s not a glitter; it’s chrome), make two lines. They don’t have to be neat, but you can make them that way if you want them to be.

3. With black, make a heart in the center.

4. With white, make dots in the opposite direction of the silver lines.

Add your top coat and you’re done!