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Playing around with some swirls, feat. Zoya’s FeiFei!

Playing around with some swirls, feat. Zoya’s FeiFei!

Ocean twist, warm version.

Ocean twist, warm version.

Abstract design, inspired by an old art project of mine!

This was requested by Kelsey, who wanted a design to match her dress. Here it is, and I hope you like it! Even if you just want to do it for fun, follow along!

1. Start by painting the nail in a diagonal french with blue. I’m using Sally Hansen’s The Real Teal mixed with white. *No special brush is needed — use the brush that came with your polish!

2. With a thin brush, paint two lines in the same direction as the french. I used the same blue mixed with more white for the first stripe, then used regular white for the second stripe.

3. With gold (mixed with a little bit of white for opacity — this is Wet n Wild’s The Gold and the Beautiful, from the Craze collection), make the leaves on the line between the blue and where there isn’t paint. When you do this, start at the bottom on one side and make a leaf and a swirl, then switch to other side and do the same. Alternate until you’ve reached the top.

Add your top coat and you’re done!