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Video tutorials… Yay or nay?

Before I begin, I want to thank you all so much for being so wonderful and supportive and being ever so patient. I owe you all a ton!

I’m sincerely sorry I haven’t been painting lately. I actually do feel terrible for it. I know I have a few requests that I need to fulfill, and they will get done! It’s been kind of hard because I am seriously lacking inspiration. I’ve tried everything — going through magazines, looking at clothes, I even went out and drove around, in hopes that I’d take a few cool pictures home with me. Not even that worked. I’m going to try my best tomorrow to get my imagination back up to speed.

Right now, I want to write some articles/guides for you guys. For example, I’ve written ones on growing strong nails, water marbling tips, long lasting manicure, etc. What guides/articles you’d like to see?

Man, I got a hard question first! I haven’t been able to experience all nail polish brands, but I will say that for me, I can’t just pick one.

For drugstore brands, it’s Wet n Wild or Sally Hansen, because they are so pigmented and the colors come out so nicely, especially for Wet n Wild. But Milani is growing on me with their Jewel FX and One Coat glitter polishes. And I love Jesse’s Girl too!

As far as the pricier brands, I love China Glaze. They are so creative with their colors and finishes. I also love OPI! Finger Paints is new to me, and I like them too.