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I haven’t uploaded anything in such a long time. Whoops. Where has the time gone?! 

I still answer questions and whatever and I’m sorry SUPER SORRY. I’m a busy bee in real life (I know, who knew I had a life outside of Tumblr?! That’s allowed on this site?).

Guess I’ll get back to my sketch book 🙇

Saturday was our next Daily/Weekly Nail Challenge day, and I was painting late at night and fell asleep as soon as I finished it. I didn’t sleep at all that night. I got up around 9am, and tried to get some things accomplished. Dizziness and nausea decided to join the party, too! It was about 4pm before I could get to my computer, and before I even knew it, it’s now 8am! Guess I had to make up for the sleepless nights I’ve had lately.

I need to get to posting my nail challenge, and, again, I’m so sorry!

I’ll write you (another) letter telling you how great of a person you are.


I’ve been busy over these past few days, and I completely forgot to post a couple things! Posts coming here in a few. :)