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I wanted to do a tutorial that I think will help you guys out and hopefully broaden your nail art horizons. It’s a little different, but it’s fun! Instead of mixing polish, we’re going to mix glitter! (Good guess, one-and-only-kezia and bedazzled-ukulele!)

The three things I’m going to show you are how to 1) make your glitter holographic, 2) frost your glitter, and 3) make your own custom glitter.

Before we start, I’m mixing the glitter in a super cheap mixing cup that I made of paper. This will make things a lot easier for you, so please CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL!

Also, when you’re mixing glitter, start of with whatever amount you’d like to use as your main color. Add a little bit of your other colors at at time, then add more to adjust it to your liking. It’ll keep your from wasting supplies!

*ANOTHER note: Like nail foil, glitter is difficult to capture in photos. It’s highly reflective in person!

1. How to Make Glitter Holographic

Glitter is probably the most wonderful thing to ever exist because it can either be the focus of your design, or the enhancer that pulls the art together. But sometimes, glitter doesn’t always show up the way you want it to, or maybe you want to give it a little more sparkle. The solution? Add some holographic glitter to it!

I’ll demonstrate with a great example. Black glitter can be tricky to work with; not only is it beautiful, it’s also hard to get it to stand out. Here, I have black glitter and a holographic silver glitter (holographic means that it gives off a rainbow reflection). Simply add some silver glitter to your black glitter…

…And you’ll have a holographic black glitter! I blurred the top picture in attempts to show the holo shine, and I tried SO hard to focus sharply on the bottom one. It’s hard to capture in photos, but in person, it looks like a galaxy in outer space!

2. How to Frost your Glitter

Say you have glitter that you want to lighten up a bit, or you want to give it a “frosty” look. What I like to do is add some iridescent glitter to it.

Here, I have blue glitter on the left and iridescent glitter to the right (my iridescent glitter maybe be known as “white glitter” in Layman’s terms. It’s the white glitter that gives of that pastel-rainbow shine). Add a little bit of iridescent glitter, and you’ll have glitter looking like frosty fairy dust.

I’ll also show you with green; it does the same thing!

3. Making your own Custom Glitter

Can’t find a color of glitter in stores that works right for you? Make your own! I’ll show you a small example.

I want to make a glitter that’s pink-ish purple with dimension and depth. What I’m going to do is put purple in my mixing cup, then add some red, holographic silver, and some black.

The outcome is interesting: it turns out to be a really cool, deep, dark pink! The holographic silver gave it some extra shine (as seen in the second photo that I blurred), while the black glitter kept it from being too flashy.

Now you can make your own custom glitter! It may seem ridiculous at first, but you won’t know until you try — you’ll be surprised by what you come up with!