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It was requested by an anonymous person to do a ‘Written in the Stars’ design for her homecoming dance! This is for you, and anyone else who would like to try this!

1. Start off by painting half the nail with a dark blue, then dabbing some away with a light touch of your finger. I’m using Wet n Wild’s Nocturnal.

2. With another dark color (I’m using Finger Paints’ Gallery Glam), do the same thing you did in step one. Paint the other half of the nail, but also overlap where you dabbed away previously, then dab away in the same area. It ends up looking like a dark sky that has some clouds up above. You’ll end up with something like this:

3. Now you’re going to make your stars. I’ve decided to make the stars say ‘2011’ on the nails, but you can make the message whatever you want. I’m using a really small dotting tool, but toothpicks and/or pins are great alternatives. I started with making the ‘1’ in white. The dots surrounding it are a mix of the blue and purple with white. Your result will be similar to this:

Add your top coat and you’re done!

'Written in the Stars' Homecoming 2011 design!

'Written in the Stars' Homecoming 2011 design!

I decided to do two homecoming designs for this (unfortunately) unnamed person! For two reasons: 1) I wanted to provide two so that she could choose which one she liked (or both), and 2) it’s also a tutorial for my “kaleidoscope” nails, which was taught to me by the wonderful Robin Moses!

*This is not as complicated as it looks!

1. Start with paint the whole nail yellow. I’m using Sinful Colors’ Let’s Meet. After that, with white, paint on some geometrical shapes. Triangles are easier.

2. With green, paint on some more triangles, overlapping the white in some areas.

3. With purple, paint in purple, doing the same thing: overlapping the green and white in some places. What this and step number two do is they create an illusion that you used more than those 4 colors — it looks like you used more because the overlapping of the colors creates more than you used.

4. With black, paint some lines, dividing some of the colors. You don’t want too many because it’ll take away from the “kaleidoscope” look.

5. You can stop here or add on to it. I decided to add some gold, Milani’s Jewel FX in Gold.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

Homecoming: Mardi Gras nails #2!

Homecoming: Mardi Gras nails #2!

An unnamed viewer asked me to do a design that matches their theme for homecoming: Mardi Gras! It’s very simple to do and I hope you like and try it! This is also the same concept of my Fourth of July nails, so it’s a 2-for-1 tutorial.

1. Start by painting the whole nail purple (Sally Hansen’s Purple Pizzazz).

2. Using white, yellow, and green, you’re going to make the lines. When you make the lines, you want them to be random but not bunched up in one place or going in the same direction. Each color is assigned two lines, and you’re going to do them by these three things: Cross, Not, and V. Each color pair will be shaped in a V, crossing each other, or not crossing each other. It doesn’t have to be the same for every nail (i.e. white can only cross, yellow can only be V’s) so you can alternate them.

Start with white. For this nail, I’m going to make the white lines cross each other.

3. Next paint on yellow (Sinful Colors’ Let’s Meet with white). Yellow lines will not be crossing.

4. With green (SH’s Going Green with white), make these lines shaped into a V.

5. You can stop there, but I wanted to add in some glitter. So with my foil glue (or clear polish), I painted over portions of the yellow lines and applied some loose gold glitter (!). If you have gold polish, this works too! You can even just do a simple glitter top coat.

*The glitter looks awesome in the light, it’s just difficult to photograph!

Add your top coat and you’re done!

Mardi-Gras-themed nails for a viewer’s homecoming!

Mardi-Gras-themed nails for a viewer’s homecoming!

A viewer named Hunter asked for some nail ideas for homecoming. She was sweet enough to even send me a picture of her dress, which is beautiful! With that being said, this is for you, Hunter! If others want to try this, you’re more than welcome.

All the nails look different, but it’s all the same concept.

1. Start with white, and paint either the whole nail white, or do a “chevron french” by going in a diagonal in one direction, then diagonal in another direction. I used Sally Hansen’s White On.

2. Using black (SH’s Black Out) and whatever you use to make dots, make some in the areas below. They don’t have to be perfect — they’re simply just guides.

3. With black make thick black lines. With the ring and middle finger, there aren’t really curves. On the other, there’s a teensy bit of curvature at the top of the petals (not all petals, but you can adjust it to whatever works for you!), so this may take a little bit of control. I’m using a brush, but nail pens will work just as fine!

4. Now make thinner lines within the petals in black. You’ll end up with something like this:

5. With silver (I’m using SH’s Celeb City), make silver dots in the middles of the flowers.

Add your top coat, and you’re finished!