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I know someone is saying “It’s too early for Valentine’s Day nails!” but it requested of me to start doing them now. Besides, I love the Valentine theme, even though I never have a Valentine… Who cares, I have nail polish! And all of you. :)

1. Start with a bubblegum-pink polish, or any relatively light pink. I’m using Sally Hansen’s Bubblegum Pink.

2. Now, you’re going to apply nail foil in a heart shape. You can mark your hearts more solid, but I wanted them to look scratchy. I used a thin, cheap paintbrush. For the foil, I’m using Passion Pink and Diamond Red from After applying the foil, add a thin coat of clear polish to seal it. *To learn more about nail foil and how to apply it, click here!

3. With white and a thin brush, make a hollow heart.

4. To make the next heart, I mixed a custom pink. If you want to make the exact pink, it’s a mix of white, OPI’s Outback Aphrodisiac, and Sally Hansen’s Shrimply Devine. If you don’t want to, use another type of pink, or some other color, to make the heart.

5. To make the last heart, I’m using a pink that I made with a mix of white and neon pink. The neon pink is Sinful Colors’ 24/7.

Add your topcoat and you’re done!