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Where do you live and can you do my nails?
 I live in Ohio. And depending on where you live, I’ll do them! Sadly, I’m not a nail tech.

Have you received any publicity by this?
Not intentionally. The Twitter account “FailWhale” tweeted a nail art design I did, my Magazine Clippings nail design was in a e-article on, and since December 2011, you’ll sometimes find me on Huffington Post/Stylelist’s Manicure Monday. That’s it! I do this for fun, but if an opportunity is given to me, I’m NOT going to pass it up. I’m grateful for it all.

Do you have a favorite brand of polish?
That’s a tough question… I’m not really sure if I have an absolute favorite!

What top coat do you use?
I currently use Seche Vite. Dries very quickly and glossy!

How do you do the _________ design?
Please click on Tutorials in the sidebar to check out the tutorials I’ve done. If you don’t see it there, request it in the Ask Box!

Can you do YouTube tutorials so we can see everything you’re doing?
I think that’d be so much more detailed than my picture tutorials, but I try to be as detailed as possible with them. But, the day when I can get my hands on a good camera, a tripod, and when I get over the unpleasant experience of hearing my own voice, then sure!

How do you mix colors?
Click here!

How do you buy so much nail polish? It seems like you spend so much money!
In reality, I’m on an extreme budget with most things, so I find ways to save money when I have the opportunity to buy polish. I’m really not spending that much! I made a guide to help you save some money —  Click here!

Do you use nail pens? What brand of nail pens would you recommend?
I don’t use nail pens, because I like to have control over what I’m painting and what colors to use. I’ve also had a not-so-great experience with nail pens (i.e., Sally Hansen nail art pens) so I try to steer clear of them. However, if you really want to use pens because it’ll be easier on you, try out Migi nail art pens. They come in different sets, 8 pens for $25. They can be used as a regular polish brush and there’s a fine tip for detailing, so it’s two in one! I’ve heard great things about them and have seen cool designs done with them.

So, if you don’t use pens, what do you use?
I use thin brushes that can be bought at a beauty supply store, craft stores, or online. There are much more varieties online, just be careful who you purchase from!

Do you have acrylic nails?
Nope! My nails are mine. The last time I wore acrylics was about 7-8 years ago. They didn’t stay on for longer than 3 weeks, and when I finally got it all off, my nails were the strength of looseleaf paper. I did not have a great first experience, in summation.

How can I grow my nails stronger/faster?
Click here!

How can I make my polish dry faster?
You can use dryer that comes in a spray bottle, drying drops, quick-dry top coats, or, what I do, use nail dryer that comes in an aerosol can (looks like hair spray) that can be bought at drugstores and beauty supply stores. If you don’t want to do that, you can even put your hands in front of a fan!

All I ask is that you don’t spray cooking spray or hair spray on your nails — it’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard of, it makes a mess, and it’ll take your nails even longer to dry. I’ve even taken the time to try them and it’s awful, haha. Have I received many angry messages over my views on the cooking/hair spray? Of course. Am I trying to make your life easier? Yes. :)

Do you have a photo album with all of your nail art in it?
Yes, it’s in the sidebar towards the bottom and it’ll take you to my Picasa album. You can also click on Nail Art in the navigation.

How many bottles of nail polish do you own?
As my mom says to me daily, “Too many!” I’ve gone through many boxes and they all seem to overflow. But now I have a set of 10 draws to fill up — I’ve almost completed that challenge!

Do you ever find people stealing your art? You should put watermarks on your pictures.
YES, I’ve found people stealing my art. When I do, I ask the people nicely to give me credit, or remove my work from their site. To help cut down on this, I watermark my photos, although people will always find ways to remove them and claim the photos as their own. The best thing I ever did was get a Creative Commons license. Look in the sidebar under my display picture to see it and click on it to read about it.

What camera do you use to take all of your pictures?
I’m currently using a Panasonic Lumix G1. In older photos, I’ve used a Nikon Coolpix S230 and a Kodak Easyshare ZD710.

Can you do ________ design?
If I haven’t done it already, ask me in my Ask Box and hopefully I can! :)

How else can I contact you besides Tumblr?
Twitter: @CindysNails
Instagram: @CindysNails
E-mail: (link in the sidebar) 

What nail polish brands do you use?
I use any brand — I’m not choosy! I’m pretty flexible, so long as it has a great formula.

Have you tried nail polish from outside the United States?
Sadly, no! I would actually LOVE to try nail polish from different countries! If you would like to send me some information on that, please do. I would be so grateful and it would be very appreciated!

How come you don’t answer my questions?!
If I didn’t answer a question or request, I’m sorry! Don’t think I’m ignoring you, because I’m not. It’s either A) I forgot to respond, or B) you may have left the comment as a reply to one of my posts and I still don’t know how to directly respond to them (if you have your Ask Box on, I will answer you!).

Do you have your work licensed/copyrighted? How does this work?
Yes, I do. My work has been licensed under a Creative Commons United States License. It means that my work is mine and only mine. How does this affect you? You are free to share my work with others, BUT under the following terms: you must attribute my work (give me credit), you CANNOT use my work for commercial purposes (to make money), and you CANNOT alter or build on my work.

However, these things can be done if I GIVE YOU PERMISSION. Someone asked me if they can still like/reblog, and the answer is yes. You can still do all the normal Tumblr actions. :)

Where is the ChatBox?!
Sadly, the ChatBox is gone! Too much spam. :(

Have you ever thought about doing giveaways?
I like to do giveaways… With a catch. ;) I really enjoy doing contests, in which I pick a theme of some sort and you have to create a design around it. I’ve hosted some previously and people said they really enjoyed them!

I’ve observed giveaways that have been done by other users (and they give away AMAZING prizes), and the measures that people have to go through are crazy — you have to be following them, you get one entry for reblogging, another for liking the post, etc… It’s too much to keep up with for me!

Contests are more fun. :)

Where did you learn everything you know?
There are things that I happened to learn through art classes and my own experiments.

But, most of all, the things that I have learned and created couldn’t have been done without the foundation and lessons of Robin Moses. She’s the most fabulous nail artist I know, and she does such beautiful work! Her YouTube tutorials have taught me so much and have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I owe it all to her, and I couldn’t have done it without her! Watch her videos, visit her blog, her Tumblr, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll be amazed and in awe of her talents and creations! Just watching one video of a nail art design will set your imagination off, and you can come up with 15 more. She’s truly an idol to me, and I look up to her so much.

I also couldn’t have done it without my imagination. My mind is wild. Thanks parents!

What inspires you when you come up with designs?
Everything. My old art projects, walking around in the grocery store or the mall, the contraption we call the Internet, magazines, books, SCIENCE, my viewers that send me requests and ideas, my family, my friends, music, sports, life experiences, my dreams, driving around cities, talking to myself (trust me, you can come up with a lot of things), food, clothes, strangers, artwork, nature, and anything else I failed to mention.