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It was requested by an anonymous person to do a ‘Written in the Stars’ design for her homecoming dance! This is for you, and anyone else who would like to try this!

1. Start off by painting half the nail with a dark blue, then dabbing some away with a light touch of your finger. I’m using Wet n Wild’s Nocturnal.

2. With another dark color (I’m using Finger Paints’ Gallery Glam), do the same thing you did in step one. Paint the other half of the nail, but also overlap where you dabbed away previously, then dab away in the same area. It ends up looking like a dark sky that has some clouds up above. You’ll end up with something like this:

3. Now you’re going to make your stars. I’ve decided to make the stars say ‘2011’ on the nails, but you can make the message whatever you want. I’m using a really small dotting tool, but toothpicks and/or pins are great alternatives. I started with making the ‘1’ in white. The dots surrounding it are a mix of the blue and purple with white. Your result will be similar to this:

Add your top coat and you’re done!