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Hi! Sorry I haven’t been making nail art lately. I’ve been quite busy with two jobs and school work. I’m working on getting caught up in school, but I’ll get back to making pretty/strange works soon!

In the meantime, are you watching those kittens on LiveStream? If not, check out the link I posted recently and fall in love and enjoy all the warm and tingly feels. :)

I’ve been busy over these past few days, and I completely forgot to post a couple things! Posts coming here in a few. :)

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy week, so I haven’t had time to do anything. But I will have some designs done for tomorrow or the weekend! I think I might do another B&BW design, who knows. And thank you all so much for the likes, reblogs, and follows! It’s so appreciated!

Do you have any design suggestions (if you have any ideas, please answer this. I’d love to read your thoughts!) ?