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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I appreciate every single one of them and you!

- Cindy

How old are you now? - Anonymous
I am 19 years old as of today.

what made you want to make a tumblr devoted to nails? love em all<3 - bigdreamersgofar
Thank you! I started a Tumblr because it seemed like a gateway to meet other nail artists like myself, and I assumed correct. Previously, I had used Xanga as a blog and I wasn’t getting anywhere. Since Tumblr, I’ve met a lot of fantastic people and have grown as an individual. I’ve learned a lot from being here!

Did you expect to have this much success? - Anonymous
To be 100% honest, I didn’t! When I started my nail blog, I did it purely out of fun. I wasn’t expecting any type of publicity or serious recognition of any kind. I just did it because it’s my passion and something I’ve always loved!

I found you through, are you a celebrity? - Anonymous
Yes, my hands made an appearance on for a magazine-clipping design I did some time ago. Did I gain a lot of viewers from it? Yes. Am I celebrity? I don’t really know, haha. I am very grateful to have any relation to, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity!

Have you decided if you’re going to move to Florida? And what area? - Anonymous
I still haven’t decided, although this cold weather is making Florida look quite nice. There are pros and cons to both! However, if I were to move down there, I would be in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area.

Are you anywhere else in the media? - Anonymous
I sometimes appear on Huffington Post/Stylelist’s Manicure Monday. Although lately I’ve been forgetting how to read a calendar. However, if an opportunity came my way, I wouldn’t pass it up!

Were you going to just stop doing nail art altogether? - Anonymous
NO. I couldn’t do that!

If there really was a nail polish/nail art convention, would you seriously go to it and/or help plan it? - Anonymous
….YES! I have literally daydreamed about a nail art con. And I would be even more ecstatic to help plan it! ***I AM VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS 

Do you have your own nail salon? - Anonymous
I don’t! Ohio restricts me from doing nail art without a license. I understand the reasons, but just to paint? Makes me sad. Although, if I had the opportunity, I would be more than happy to!

Will you do more giveaways/contests? - Anonymous
Yes! I’ve actually been planning one these past couple weeks.


My birthday is this month (November 27th!), and I’ll be doing another Birthday Q&A! So get your questions that you have about me/related to me and I will answer them!

I will answer questions throughout the month, but I will do a BIG Q&A post. Ask AS MANY questions as you want and I can’t wait to answer them!

- Cindy



I’m going to show this to my mom towards the end of the day to show how many people are happy to have her live another year, so wish her a happy birthday!

A fan named MandySue asked me to do a design for her little sister’s 10th birthday. I thought that was so cute, so I managed to squeeze in a little bit of time to do a little something for her. I chose this design for her because it’s easy, it doesn’t require colors that will stain her nails, and, most importantly, it has glitter. What ten-year-old girl doesn’t love glitter?! Happy birthday!

1. Start with a light, princess-y pink. I’m using Savvy’s Ice Pink.

2. With white, make polka dots. When I make a polka dot design, I like to start by making one dot in the middle of the nail and work my way out to the sides/edges of the nails. Keep in mind that there’s a strong possibility that my nails are larger than hers, so you don’t have to do as many dots on her.

3. Add a coat of glitter on top (hard to see in my photo, but it’s shiny in person!). This is Sally Hansen’s Disco Ball.

Add your top coat and you’re done!

One of my followers’s birthday is coming soon, and she has requested a design for the big day. After playing Tumblr tag (online version of phone tag) and many messages, it’s done. Happy birthday. I wanted to make this look nice, but I also wanted to make it relatively easy so that every can be able to do it, no matter your artistry level. For those of you that want to follow this tutorial, you can.

1. Start by painting all of the nails blue. This is Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away!. Out of all something-teen colors you gave me, I didn’t know which ones to pick. You can adjust to your liking.

2. All of the nails (except your ring fingers) are going to have this pattern. With a thin brush, you’re going to make short stripes, or dashes, more than 3/4 of the nail. I’m using white, teal (Sally Hansen’s The Real Teal mixed with white), and lime green (Sally Hansen’s Green with Envy mixed with a little bit of white). Again, adjust to your liking.

3. At the bottom of the nail, add glitter. I’m using Sally Hansen’s Disco Ball.

4. On the ring fingers, with a brush, simply write the number 13 in white (or for others that are using this, use your age).

Add your top coat and you’re done.

Yes, today is my birthday! I learn so much about you guys through your requests and conversations with you all. I always get questions in regards to me, personally, such “How old are you?” “Do you work in a shop?” I decided to return the favor and tell you all a little about myself.

My Age: People think I’m 25, 30, or some other random age, but I’m here to tell you that, as of today, I am (only) 18 years old!

Where I’m From: I live in the (not-so)-great state of Ohio in the United States, where there aren’t many fun things to do and the weather has bipolar disorder. To top it off, I live in the most boring and stuck-up part of the state. I guarantee you it is the most awful state, and I can’t wait to get out of here and do bigger and better things and see new places.

Now that that’s clarified, I’ll answer the specific questions.

Do I work in a shop? No, I do not. I’m not a cosmetologist by any means. If I wanted to get a license to do so, I’d have to put in, don’t quote me on it, 250 hours. Ohio is awful because I can’t even freelance just to PAINT, not do acrylics and more advanced techniques (however, I do know how to do them). I think it’s total crap because if companies can sell nail polish and manicure supplies to the public, why can’t we just PAINT nails as a small business… I’ll never understand. To get back to the topic, no, I don’t work in a shop. If I were allowed to work in a shop to do nail art, I totally would!

Before the discouragement sets in, I’ve talked to a nail salon worker and she said that as long as I’m not advertising myself as a business, then I’m okay. So I paint nails for those around me, whatever they want, for a simple 10 dollars. With that being said, if you live in Ohio (or if you’re willing to travel), I’d do your nails for you! Or if you want to have a nail art party with your friends OR have me at an event, we can do that, too! Sometimes it gets boring doing nails on myself all day, and I’d love to try new ideas on new/different people!

When did I start getting creative with my nails? I’ve always been around nail polish all of my life — my grandma painted my nails, my mom sometimes did, I’d get those little buckets of polish and manicure kits for Christmas and my birthday, and I had a nail polish stash of my own. I didn’t start doing actual art with my nails until about 3 years ago. I would always see really cool patterns on clothes, advertisements, and items in stores, and I had thought about how cool it would be to have it on my hands. Before I knew it, I was painting zebra print on my nails! The nail polish collection started growing, I could actually let my imagination go wild, and it just went from there!

Do I ever give up on a nail design, even when it’s too hard? No way. I can say that I’m not a quitter. I’ll try something at least one time, and if it’s something I really want to complete or master, I’ll keep at it again and again until I get it right. I don’t give up!

What inspired me to design nails? Due to the fact that I’ve always been an artsy person, I think just seeing different and cool patterns got my imagination going and I decided that I could do it if I put my mind to it. Then I found that painting my nails gave me some peace, so I now try to do it as much as possible!

I’m trying to keep it short, but that’s all about me! If there are any other questions, feel free to ask! :)

I was informed that one of my readers&#8217; birthday is coming up on November 13th&#8230; Happy early 21st birthday to you, Leomara! Have a fantastic birthday and have fun!

I was informed that one of my readers’ birthday is coming up on November 13th… Happy early 21st birthday to you, Leomara! Have a fantastic birthday and have fun!

A viewer has told me that she will soon be a teenager! My gift to you! I couldn&#8217;t bring her a real confetti cake, but that&#8217;s as close as it gets. Happy birthday!

A viewer has told me that she will soon be a teenager! My gift to you! I couldn’t bring her a real confetti cake, but that’s as close as it gets. Happy birthday!