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Ask me questions! I always have fun doing this and I love helping you guys out :)

(I’m coming up with more nail designs, I swear. Drawing in my sketchbook as I type this!)

I’m compiling a list of all the requests I’ve received on tutorials to work on this weekend, and I want all of your input! If you have something you’d like me to do a tutorial on, whether it be one of my own designs or just a thought you had, please send it to me either through the Ask Box or E-mail. Your thoughts matter to me and I want to continue to have new content, so send in your requests!

Thank you so much for following and supporting me, it means the world to me. You guys/girls are the best :)

Thank you to all that have reblogged and liked my photos, and follow me! It really is such a good feeling and I appreciate every single one of you.

Please feel free to go to my ask box and leave questions, comments, or even nail ideas that you’d like to see me do. And if you have a Twitter account, you can follow me there at CindysNails. Again, thank you all, and I acknowledge every single reblog, follow, and like!

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