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Click here for the in-depth version with photos! What I am going to share with you, I learned from a fantastic nail artist named Robin Moses. And since she has spread her knowledge to me, I’m going to spread my knowledge to you. These two tips have helped me a lot and saved me some money.

1. The color wheel is your best friend. Colors have compliments, or opposites — red goes with green, yellow goes with violet, and blue goes with orange. And if you want to get even more in-depth, tertiary colors have opposites too (look it up if you’re interested). You can use your opposites to tone down, or mute, a color. For example, if you want to make a muted or antique yellow, mix a little bit of purple into it. If you want a red that isn’t so bright, add a little bit of green. If you use the color wheel to your advantage, you can save money by duping colors, so you don’t have to spend 8 dollars on that bottle of polish. You can even make ones that companies haven’t made yet!

2. White is a life saver.┬áIf you’re like me, you have colors that are awesome, but they aren’t opaque. And if you love nail art as much as I do, you want to be able to use all of your colors for your designs, but some just don’t show up properly. Well, white polish will make all of your polishes useful. If you have colors that you want to use for your art (detailing, striping, dotting, etc.), you can add some white to it and make them more versatile. It may seem like the colors would end up being pale, but it actually makes them more opaque and bold.

To sum it up, know your color wheel and keep white polish in your collection at all times. If you see a color in the store or polish at home but you think it’d be too sheer to use, get it anyways and mix some white in it. Want to tone down a color? Add some of its opposite to it. Want to dupe a polish or make a custom color? Mix some colors and make it work. Whether you have limited resources or just want to save some money, these two tips will help you out and make your nail art more fun and unique.

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