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I haven’t made any nail content because over half of my nails broke! I wasn’t following my own rules (they’re in a post on how to have strong nails) and it serves me right. Since the new year, I’ve been nurturing my nails and trying to get them back in shape, which has been going alright, so far! They’re still not in the best shape, some are still a bit short. I might give them a little more TLC before I start painting on them again.

I also remembered that I was doing glitter mixes some time ago, so I figured that I could do that while my nails are growing back! I’d hate to leave this blog without content like I did for most of 2013.

I hope everyone’s been doing well. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @CindysNails, and you can now follow me on Pinterest @xcindyc!

Anonymous Asked:
Thank you for that answer in such full detail. I too agree with the how the term "cosmetic" is used. However lots of people seem to be very sensitive about it. So it just worries me that in a different sense they will have some sorta reaction from the glitters and such. That is a whole different level though I suppose. But i appreciate your timely feedback and have made a decision based off both our research and views now ;)

My answer:

Hey, no problem. Glad to help!

Anonymous Asked:
How do you know that the recollections line at michales is safe for nails? I can't seem to find anything else anywhere talking about using it in such a way. I had found some pearlex mica I thought was ok but then saw on their site that it is not safe for cosmetic uses. Nail polish is a cosmetic use. So how do we know it isn't the same for recollections if we don't know the msds sheet?

My answer:

I am fully aware that nail polish is considered a cosmetic. Correct, as I stated in my posts regarding the Recollections line, it is not labeled as cosmetic grade and you are correct that there is no information listed. However, I see “cosmetic” as being used on or around the eyes, lips… to me, anywhere that could cause serious damage (glitter being swallowed if on the lips, glitter scratching your cornea if it gets in your eye).  Which is why, in a previous post on a glitter review, I said "Do so at your own risk!" So, as far as putting it around sensitive areas, do so at your own risk. What I mean, is, be smart about it, do some research of your own if need be, and use common sense. Check to see what material it is (acrylic, polyester, if it contains any metals, etc.), any labels… Whatever you need to do to feel safe.

I do not find using craft glitter to be a hazard to your health if it’s used on your nails. If it’s on your nails, the worst that’s going to happen is that the glitter will bleed (the color will run off of the glitter into your design, much like pen ink bleeds on paper when water is absorbed. You, yourself, will not bleed) and you won’t be at risk for losing a finger or ten. Perhaps I should have rephrased the whole cosmetic-grade bit a little differently. If you seal up the glitter with a good top coat, you shouldn’t have a problem with it getting into those previously-mentioned, sensitive areas (besides, you shouldn’t have your fingers in your eyes or mouth anyways. Think of the germs…).

I am not a glitter-ologist by any means. I just do my part in doing research for myself in order to determine what is best for me. As I have mentioned in previous times, the last thing I would want is for anyone to get hurt, so I definitely do not recommend any time of craft glitter around your eyes or lips. However, I do find it okay for nails. I’m going to mention to you all to do it at your own risk. And if you, personally, do not feel safe about it, then simply do not use it and find an alternative that is labeled with notations that make you feel comfortable.

Happy Belated New Year!

To start 2014, I’m currently nurturing my nails so I can get back to making some new content. Crossing my fingers (and my brain cells) that this year can bring me some inspiration!

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Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

- Cindy

Anonymous Asked:
Whats your theme?

My answer:

The theme is from a website called dolliecrave[dot]com. The background, however, I made myself.

So many snowflake designs are on my dash and I felt compelled to make my own! Besides, I had yet to wear this color. Base color is Studio M’s Blue-ming.

So many snowflake designs are on my dash and I felt compelled to make my own! Besides, I had yet to wear this color. Base color is Studio M’s Blue-ming.

A little inspired by the snowstorm we just had. Base color is Nina Ultra Pro’s Twinkle Twinkle.

A little inspired by the snowstorm we just had. Base color is Nina Ultra Pro’s Twinkle Twinkle.

(not really, just some fancy Tumblr talk)

So I love that I get messages and e-mails from my followers and Internet friends because it really makes me happy that you even want to communicate with me even though I’ve been MIA for the longest. I’m like that kid in one of your college courses that shows up the first day and you never see her unless it’s exam day and finals week.

Some time ago I went on a teensy tiny pre-rant about a topic that turned me into a grouch… Giving credit when credit is due, be a decent human being, the nail art community confuses me, etc. etc.

And MrCandiiPants herself made a fabulous video (and I watched every second) about when you should give credit, and she said basically everything that I wanted to say. After that I was like “well I think everyone will watch this and that will be sufficient.”

SO someone messaged me and said “I watched MrCandiiPants video about giving credit and I remember when you made a post and at the end you’d go on an actual rant… When’s that going to happen because I want to know what you really think about that”


I literally lol’ed because I thought everyone forgot about that, but really because they caught me off guard. But really, at that time I was highly frustrated with the whole thing, especially since it was happening to me (and still does) time, and time again. And at that point, I didn’t think it was safe for myself to make that rant.

However I think that now that I’ve calmed down for a bit, it’s an acceptable time for me to have that one-sided discussion.

In due time, friends. In due time.


Just a nail art design that I desperately needed for an Art History extra credit assignment :’)

Just a nail art design that I desperately needed for an Art History extra credit assignment :’)