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As I’ve been away from my blog (which I actually do miss. It was all I could think about yesterday), I jumped on the severely-late train and tried gel nail polish for the first time and I love it! I went to a spa and had it done there, and it’s been about 3 weeks. I took the plunge and bought a Seche Ultra V light and some supplies to try it on my own at home. Seeing as though I need to get the strong polish off, I searched YouTube for tutorials on how to remove gel nail polish at home. And I just wanted to cry.

I’m not knocking these people for how they choose to take off their gel polish, but I (personally) wouldn’t be telling my followers/viewers/readers/friends to do these things. I would say 95% of the tutorials that were posted were 33% true. Saturating some cotton in acetone, placing it on the nail, and wrapping your fingertips in foil is totally fine and normal (seeing as though I do that already to get off my stubborn glitter polishes when I wear them). Really, that is the most you should be doing. But the steps afterward were just heart-stopping.

The rest of the tutorial(s) were: “Use a metal nail groomer/cuticle pusher and SCRAPE YOUR NAILS UNTIL THEY COME OFF.” There was one that I watched that had me dying, and they followed up with “Now, use a nail file and file off the pieces that you can’t get off.” My fingers were sore just watching.

If I had to give someone a tutorial on how to remove gel polish, I would have one step (and maybe an optional step #2): Soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on your nail, wrap it in foil, and soak it for as long as you need until the polish wipes off. Optional step #2 (if truly necessary): Use an orange stick if you have to apply (almost little to no) pressure to get the polish to ‘pop off’. That would be it. Scraping and filing your nails is just damaging, no matter how you put it.

So, please. Don’t scrape. Please don’t. Just stop at step one.

Cindy’s Nails. turned 3 today!
How incredible. I hadn’t even noticed 3 years had gone by! It’s had its highs and lows, but how can I complain? I haven’t been able to put all my energy into my blog like I used to, but I’ve had a fantastic support system on here. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m occupied by a lot of things at the moment, but I hope to be able to come back and get back to my normal routine of making nail art and sharing it with you all.

Cindy’s Nails. turned 3 today!

How incredible. I hadn’t even noticed 3 years had gone by! It’s had its highs and lows, but how can I complain? I haven’t been able to put all my energy into my blog like I used to, but I’ve had a fantastic support system on here. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m occupied by a lot of things at the moment, but I hope to be able to come back and get back to my normal routine of making nail art and sharing it with you all.

Anonymous Asked:
i hope that experience didnt make you hate israelis i worked there for a few months because i had to leave israel (im american and it was hard to adjust) they offer to pay for the flight and an apartment when they teach you about the products they tell you that "they arent like the other kiosks" and that they have a "gentle" approach. i got there and they were nice but they switched around real fast i had a bad experience too its not because theyre israeli its just the type of people they are

My answer:

I’m sure that was rough. I’m not saying that the experience resulted in a dislike for Israelis. Nothing of the like. I simply do not like how the employees are trained to approach and interact with customers, and I do not condone how they run their kiosks. They could be any nationality and do business the way they do, and it wouldn’t change my opinion. :)

I could very well be wrong, but something tells me that this wouldn’t be a good idea. 😐 

I could very well be wrong, but something tells me that this wouldn’t be a good idea. 😐 

meli-kittycatmeow Asked:
I very much dislike the kiosk people at the mall! They harass people walking by, I don't understand how they're still allowed in malls! Someone who worked at one of those kiosks told me the reason they make up prices is because they have a base price it's actually worth but if they sell it above that price they keep whatever extra they make so if it's worth $30 and they charge $99 they keep $69 of the sale. I admire you for standing up to them! I would never have the courage to do that!

My answer:

I was starting to think that those prices were a bit made up, and I see why. The company is bogus to me, and I, too, don’t see how this chain of kiosks have stayed in business. The way they treat customers is outlandish, and the products are not worth the money they charge. I’ve been Google-ing reviews and most were awful, some just disheartening. Thank you for the info, it was very interesting!

I used to just let people walk all over me and treat me however they wanted, because I was such a people pleaser. But ever since the car accident I was in last month, I learned that life (and hard-earned money) is just too short to let slip away. I learned to find courage within myself, even if it means being a little risky. Never let a company, or ANY person for that matter, treat you like a doormat or just an object. If you’re firm and really put yourself first, you can get what you want and what’s right.

This is a VERY lengthy “review” of my experience with the Deep Sea Cosmetics/Dead Sea Products. If you’d like, you can skip down to the bold bit to get to the main point.

Last Friday, on of my rare days off from everything, I decided to go to the mall to walk around and maybe purchase something if it interested me. I stopped at a couple stores, and on my way out, I figured I’d check out the other side of the mall just to see if there were any sales. Of course, there are those kiosks set up in the center of the halls, with salesmen and saleswomen attempting to sell you something. I made it past all of them with no troubles…

Except one. The Deep Sea Cosmetics/Dead Sea kiosk.

"Miss! Come here! Let me show you something." He would not quit until I looked in his direction.

Here’s this tall, visually-appealing man that grabs me by the hand, leading me to his kiosk. He takes one of my fingers and begins buffing and shining my nails with this buffing block — I’m talking about those four-sided blocks that you can find just about anywhere and all do the exact same thing. He tells me this result will last for 2 weeks. Just to entertain him, I acted as though I were quite amazed and shocked.

He goes on to put their “magical mineral” cuticle oil on and says I will be cuticle-free for a week. The kit that he was selling included the block, file, cuticle oil, cuticle pusher (Ziv thinks they are cuticle cutters… didn’t want to get into that), and hand cream. This “Platinum Nail Kit” was priced at $99, but for their “40-Year Anniversary”, they were on sale for $69.99, and get a second one for 50% off. Not convinced.

He starts talking about how their products are all-natural (yet highly perfumed) and made from salts in the Dead Sea, and that they are a top-of-the-line, worldly-known company. I made the comment, “Wow. I’m a nail blogger, and I have NEVER heard of your products.”

Immediately, he was interested. He wanted to know what a “nail blogger” was and I explained what I did. Very surprised, he starts to look around and then looks at me.

"I cut you a deal. I charge you $59.99 (+ tax) for one, and the second one is a gift from me. Just as long as you promise to show your big beautiful smile and promote my product. My name is Ziv, I am the manager." I looked around and noticed there weren’t any "All sales are final" signs, so I figured I could take it back if I wasn’t satisfied.

At this point, he begins to heavily flirt with me (as all of these associates do), to somehow make me feel “special”. He makes all of these flattering comments about my physical appearance and even gives me his own “personal” 10-percent-off discount coupons. All the while, as he’s ringing me up, he didn’t scan barcodes or anything of the like — he simply just selected the product on his touch-screen monitor and punched in numbers for the price.

"Will you be paying in hugs? Diamonds? Gold?" "I don’t have any of those to give." "Well, I wish you could pay me in hugs." Very nicely, I reply, "My credit card will be just fine."

With that, Ziv swipes my card, and has me sign a slip verifying the amount. He shoves the receipt and discount coupons at the bottom of the bag, products on top of it, and hands it to me. He then has me “pinky promise” to promote his product, again.

Mr. Ziv whimsically takes me to the other side of the kiosk where they have skin products. He tests this “peeling gel” on my wrist, and I was actually quite impressed (although I think I was more impressed with the smell of the product rather than the Elmer’s glue/rubber cement effect — the product balls up, giving you the impression that it’s taken off all your dead skin). It was priced at $99. I said “You know, I wish you would’ve shown me this product first before we made the transaction. I’m more interested in this than these nail kits.” Now, he’s upset with me.

"I can’t refund you. Once it goes through the system, I can’t reverse it. I can exchange for equal value, but I can’t refund. You’re just so beautiful, and I feel really bad about it." I told him that he has no sign saying "All sales are final" and none of the products are marked as so. "I told you this before I swiped your card, and it’s on the bottom of the receipt." "You did not let me see my receipt and you did not mention final sales until just now. Besides, the receipt does not print until after the transaction is made."

He goes on this big spiel that he already wasn’t supposed to lower the price for me and give me a free gift, and that if I return or exchange it, that it’ll mess up his “numbers”. Ziv tries to guilt-trip me by saying he will get in trouble with his manager. If I wanted to get the peel, he’d have to charge me again. I said it’s unacceptable.

"The most I can do for you is act as if you never got the nail kits, and charge you $40 more, plus tax. That way it’ll equal the amount of the peel. You can still keep the kits for free." We had gone back and forth for 15 minutes over this issue and I was getting very tired. For the moment, I told him fine. He swiped my card again, and put the peel in the same bag.

Ziv tells me to ask for him if I decide to come back, as he wants to see me. He then mentions he’s opening another location in Columbus, 2.5 hours away. Mr. Ziv wanted me to bring some friends and drive all the way up to Columbus to give him hugs and “a kiss on the cheek.” Feeling irate, I just want to get out. Noticing how frustrated I was, he says he “has to go open the store in Columbus,” and hopes to see me there. He could not stop making a point that he wanted me to make a long drive “just to see him”, and I knew very well what he was hinting at. I was not flattered, I was now (and still am) disgusted.

I am one of those people that doesn’t get upset or angry about things until after they happen. I started to think that Ziv and his company were a bit sketchy, and quite the rip off. I then get outside to realize he didn’t even give me my second receipt. All the more incentive to demand my money.

Storming to the kiosk, I ask a younger man if my receipt was here. “Oh yeah yeah yeah, here it is.” I take it and tell him that I have a problem. I told him that I’m upset with how this business is ran, how Ziv was treating me (basically seeing me somewhat as a sexual object), and how I was told after the fact that I couldn’t get a refund. The man says he wasn’t there during the conversation and tells me to hold on. He calls Ziv, gets off the phone with him, and says “Ziv said that he can do an even exchange, but can’t refund. He told you this during the demonstration.” I’m annoyed, I’m frustrated, and then the guy starts questioning me about why I purchased the product, why I signed, and why I’m even bothering to come back there. He even began insulting me, personally. Now I’m angry. I told him that I just want my money and they can keep their products and coupons, or I will dispute this on my credit card and they’ll be out money and a product. He had no idea what “disputing” was.

Conveniently, a “supervisor” shows up and asks me what the issue is. I tell the story over, and she tells me that she can’t refund me. Now there’s a crowd of people around the kiosk. I exclaim that she has NO sign saying final sale, the products aren’t marked neither as final sale NOR with prices. She says they have a sign, she was asked to point it out, but she could not find it. She then says she doesn’t need a sign, and that it’s on my receipt. I got very angry with her, exclaiming “THE RECEIPT DOES NOT PRINT UNTIL AFTER MY CARD IS SWIPED AND MY MONEY IS WITHDRAWN!” I questioned how they could run a skin care and beauty company and not be able to get a refund. Suppose someone were to have an allergic reaction — why don’t they have the right to return the product and get a refund for something She did not have a response.

I asked if there was a main office number  or a number to someone running these kiosks in the area and she says “no”. I tell her that there’s no way these little shops are running without someone coordinating it. The she admits there is someone that runs them, and I demanded their number. She fumbles around and pretends to not have it, and I told her that I didn’t have all day. She writes down a number with a North Carolina area code and a man’s name “Nadal”. I called and asked if he runs these kiosks, he replies yes. I explain to him the situation, how I was treated, how the business was running, and that I demand a refund. He asked me who the salesperson was and I told him Ziv, but I’m now on the third associate. He asked me if I would go back to the counter and let him know I’m standing here now. He hangs up the phone and immediately their phone rings. In less than 2 minutes, she learned how to refund money, credited the $100+ total charge back to my card, and I’m now waiting for the money to go back to my bank. I thanked her for her time, and told her she needs to get a sign up.

From my experience (and from others’ experiences that I’ve read about across the world), this Israeli-ran business has good-looking associates use their charm to reel people in to buy their products (which is all fine and good, if that’s how you have to sell a product). While it’s okay to flatter your customers and say nice things about them, please do not sexualize them or insult them.

I also did my research on these kiosks, and I’ve found a very large complaint-to-satisfaction ratio. Many reviews share the same experiences I did (except I haven’t found one that was able to get a refund). The “supervisor” says they’ve never had any complaints or problems except me, but it appears they’re mistaken.

Ziv wanted me to promote his product, and I am keeping my promise and keeping it honest. The nail kit consists of a basic 4-sided buffing block, a very basic emery board file, simple cuticle pusher, decent-quality cuticle oil, and highly-perfumed hand cream that can be overwhelming. This is not worth the $99/$69/$59 (whatever bogus price they make up) they charge you in the mall. The facial “peeling” gel is a simple placebo effect that balls up like Elmer’s glue after you rub it on your hands long enough, making you think that all of this dirt, oil, and dead skin is coming off of your face (also not worth $99). If you’re truly interested in the products, do not fall for those kiosks. I looked on Amazon and you can find the peel for $30 and the nail kit for $25. I want the best for you all, so don’t be fooled by these kiosk associates’ looks and charm, and never accept them sexualizing or belittling you. Also, take this as a lesson: do your research before you buy products, any product at that, so you know what you’re getting into.

There is my “product promotion” for Deep Sea Cosmetics/Dead Sea products. Have you experienced these salespeople at their kiosk? Was your experience more positive, negative, or the same?

Anonymous Asked:
How are you so amazing at nail art!? I honestly love all of your nail art designs and I wish I could do my nails as well as you do!

My answer:

Thank you! To get to where I am (and I still have room to grow), I practiced a LOT, and I take my time! I am most likely the slowest nail artist around.

Hi everyone! It’s been over two months since I’ve posted anything. Honestly, I don’t have the time and I’m starting lose interest.

I go to school full time and I work full time. If I’m not at work, I’m at school, and vice versa. If I’m not at either of those locations, I’m asleep. I’ve also been dealing with a lot of sickness, so sometimes I’m in the hospital. Any small amount of time that I have off from everything, is jeopardized in some sort of fashion. Currently, I just don’t have the time to devote to this blog.

When I first moved my nail blog to Tumblr, I had such passion for nail art. I spent any time that I could making content and uploading it all to here for others to see. I was part of a community that truly cared about one another, and was supportive of one another. I’ve made such great friends through this network, and that’s something I’ll hold onto. Over the last 2.75 years I’ve been on here, I’ve noticed the change within the nail art community, and I’m not happy with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was angry with me over this, but it is my opinion and something that I have felt for quite some time.

I make it sound like it was so long ago, but when I first started, everyone was supportive of one another. Those within the community would leave nice comments, send encouraging messages, and really worked together. Now, people are competing against one another. Who can get the most notes, who can take one person’s design and make it their own and “better”; some will go as far as to take someone else’s artwork and claim it as their own.

When the nail art tag started coming into play and works of art were featured, it was fun to see another person’s work being viewed by a much bigger crowd. You saw all different accounts and all different works of nail art across a large spectrum of genres. Now, every time I log on here (which is multiple times per week), I see the same group of nail artists’ designs featured on the nail art tag, they may just be rotated around a bit. I’m not saying I’m not happy for them, because it’s a great feeling to see your work featured! I’m just saying that it’s not so invigorating when you see the same accounts over and over again. While it’s been getting better recently, at one point in time I’d only see top contributors and editors.

With my ranting and rambling aside, I wouldn’t expect a whole of content on my blog for now. I have to keep my priorities in line, and at this time, this is not one of them.

Although I won’t be uploading much for now, I’ll still log on frequently. I like communicating with you all and responding to your messages. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@CindysNails), and you can even follow me on Pinterest (xcindyc).

Wishing everyone the best,


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